I'm excited to announce Emergence's investment in Augmedix.

Augmedix is one of the first companies to build a Google Glass app focused on the healthcare industry. The company is helping to ease the massive data entry workload that electronic health records (EHRs) have created for physicians.

When I speak with doctors about their pain points, I repeatedly hear that the EHR data entry burden has decreased the amount of time they can spend with patients. And as a result it has decreased the satisfaction they have with their jobs. Likewise, hospital administrators see EHR data entry as a huge efficiency hit that has massive cost implications. As a result of what I've heard from healthcare industry insiders, I've come to believe that solving the EHR data entry problem is an absolute must.

When I first got to know Ian and Pelu, and when I learned more about what they were building at Augmedix, I knew I had to get involved. Their solution, which runs on Google Glass, is proving to significantly reduce the time doctors spend typing data into EHRs. And unsurprisingly, Augmedix' users are ecstatic.

I believe that Glass (and similar platforms) are extremely promising for industries where having technology passively inserted into workflow adds a lot of value. Augmedix is one of the first compelling examples of what wearable platforms can do in business. I expect we will see many more over the coming years.