I’m excited to announce that Emergence is leading DroneDeploy’s $9 million Series A financing. DroneDeploy is the first cloud-based solution that makes drones easy for anyone to use for commercial purposes. I’ve been a drone hobbyist for a few years. My first drone, a Parrot AR, was

In the latest episode of the Emergence Capital Podcast, we’re sharing an interesting chat we had recently with two leading on-demand mobile services companies: Shyp and Postmates. On-demand mobile services enable individuals to request things from the physical world from their mobile devices. Those “things” might be a car

At our recent Mobile Enterprise Forum, we sat down with Stewart Butterfield to get the latest on Slack. Slack is one of the fastest-growing enterprise collaboration products of all time. The company's product is a great example of a fantastic mobile experience combined with a compelling web experience. In this